A Whole New World

Well hello there, imaginary readers.

This is like a whole new world. I wonder why I didn’t switch to WordPress earlier. I can definitely be inspired to write more often here. (I may have said that too soon.) I realized I’m late to the party (so much for trying to be hipster), but better late than never right? Right? …

Moving on. I don’t know which direction this blog is heading towards at the moment, but I feel like I will get there somehow. I have this ambitious dream of expressing myself through hipster photographs I would snap and thoughts that are so deep I wouldn’t be able to see myself (Ha-ha). If ever this artsy-fartsy attempt of mine fails, you can always count on me to make you feel better about your lives by letting you laugh at mine.

Catch you again next time!

…if you will still be here, that is.