Hello There.

If this is your first time visiting this page and wondering what on earth is this blog about, well I’m wondering the same thing too. But blogging is a good way to waste time and rant just about anything without really creating much of a commotion like some other social media platforms, and even better when only a certain people bother to read these things eh? So I guess we’ll see where this takes me and hopefully it doesn’t stay as dry (i.e. 10 posts in a year) as my previous blog.

Speaking of my previous blog, if you’re directed here from my old blog (this is not a fake link which leads you to some cash prize scam, so feel free to click it… or maybe don’t), doesn’t this look much cleaner and aesthetically more pleasing? Lol. Yeah, that was the whole point of moving from there to here, really. Who knows, I might get motivated to post more often. #excuses

Oh, and the title of my blog should give a bit of insight about the future content of the blog – Metamorphosis, as explained above, is the caterpillar-turning-into-butterfly process. My name (Vanessa) is actually the name of a genus of brush-footed butterflies. Ignoring the fact that my mum named me after an insect, I would like to think that I’m in the metamorphosis process for humans, where God is molding me into the person He wants me to become. So in other words, this will be my attempt at journaling about God’s grace in my life. Having kept a personal journal, I found that this practice have helped deepened my joy in the present. I couldn’t have put it better in words than this article when it said “There is always more going on in us and around than we can appreciate at the time. Journaling is a way of slowing life down for just a few moments, and trying to process at least a sliver of it for the glory of God, our own growth and development, and our enjoyment of the details”. And by making some of my journals public here, I hope to share this joy with you and maybe even entertain you with my occasional embarrassing moments. Occasional being an understatement.

I should get back to completing my assignments.