Things I Will Miss

1) Watching the sun setting at 4pm in the winter and at 10pm in the summer, and having sleep disrupted by the sun shining at 4am in the summer.

2) The unpredictable weather: checking weather forecasts before going out, wearing layers of clothing, feeling cold and wet, and having the ‘Beast from the East’ in March and a heatwave in May.

3) The absence of the sound of an airconditioner or a fan, and finding just the right temperature by adjusting the heater or the open window.

4) Waking up to the view of my room in my bed, the poster of a bird on my right, my messy table and drawer, my phone charging beside my bed, the lights shining through the blinds.

5) Walking to the bus stop and waiting for the irregular bus 50 – sometimes chasing it – showing my student pass and thanking the bus driver.

6) Having grocery trips to Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, W.H. Lung and Asda with a grocery bag and sometimes trolley.

7) Doing laundry with said trolley.

8) The smell of fresh pastries wafting from Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons; and buying them for a cheap price. Especially those baked cookies that are as huge as my face. And muffins. Yum. Buying crumpets and brownies occasionally as a treat too. Double yum.

9) Hearing “You okay/ you alright?” from cashiers/store staffs, and responding with a casual “yeah” and never knowing what would happen if I said “no, I’m not okay.”

10) Having £3 meal deals, stuffing the medium box with so much pasta it could burst, and always having the Nomadic Oats Chocolate yogurt as snack.

11) The excitement of app notifications of free coffee from Costa and Cafe Nero, free pizzas from Dominoes, free cakes from Patisserie Valerie, free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, and £3 Bella Italia pizza/pasta.

12) Online shopping for everything and student discounts everywhere by just using the all powerful Unidays app/student card, and receiving notifications of parcels arriving at reception.

13) £2.50 for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge ice cream / Haagen Dazs ice cream.

14) Watching £4 Monday movies at Vue, the Printworks, with a vanilla/oreo milkshake.

15) Having Burger King after church almost every Sunday.

16) Random conversations with strangers in the bus/ in a queue, and with immigration officers, including one who has the same birthday as me.

17) Listening to people busking in the streets of Arndale/Piccadily Gardens, and the sound of screeching wheels and impatient honking of trams.

18) The sudden blaring siren sounds from ambulances departing from/arriving at the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) across the junction from our street.

19) Music coming through Victoria Baths next door whenever there is an event.

20) The feeling of immense comfort and relief when reaching our yellow, humble abode after tiring trips/ miserable weather.

P/S: 21) Doing most of the above while third-wheeling AnZhoula and annoying the heck out of them. Thks fr th Mmrs.



If I could choose a time frame in the event that I am caught in a time loop, I would want to live these past two weeks in a loop.

They say time passes by quickly when you’re happy and these two weeks passed by too fast that I had to find for traces to convince myself that it actually happened.

I have a feeling this whole year will be like a dream, too; and I would one day wake up in my own bed back home wondering if any of this ever happened.