It’d be nice to be able to go for mission trips once a year with someone instead of just purely travelling for the sake of it.


Very British Things Pt.2

I think I know better now that I can’t be bothered to write a post that re-caps the past year because it’s very time-consuming and perhaps more suitable for a personal journal than a blog.

Things that are less time-consuming and more amusing (at least to me) to write would be, for example, the every day British culture. Or in this particular case, Mancunian culture?

So on Thursday when we came back from Switzerland to good old Manchester, the immigration security guard ushered us into the Non-EU line and said “Ni Hao!” to us, and followed it up with a “or is it ‘Apa Khabar’?” and I was laughing in disbelief while Zhou responded more appropriately to him.

When we reached the immigration officers there was a line that was particularly slow due to the chattiness of the officer and I had the premonition that I was gonna be headed that line and sure enough, Zhou was done faster than the lady being held up chatting on the slow line and Angela went after Zhou, and I had go after the lady.

Now this is not very typical of me at all, but my attempt at not being rude ended up being a conversation about the details of my course and my recent vacation to Switzerland, including how we got stuck in Zermatt without a train to lower ground. Meanwhile, two other persons have come and gone after Angela on the other line. It was more amusing than annoying to me, really, and he ended the conversation with a ‘welcome back’ which felt nice and homey. Also, you never know, maybe he was just being really thorough with the background checking so I may as well oblige.

I feel like writing a post on my trips to Edinburgh and Switzerland but I’m not sure if I have enough diligence and willpower to do so… so here’s one for the amusement. Happy belated new year! …if there’s such a thing.