Nothing short of proud to be a Malaysian on this day and this new era. So many historic milestones and I can tell my descendants that I was alive to witness this day. That would be enough. If I live to have any descendants, that is. 


Near death

Tl;dr: I almost died today. 

Today a PA speaker nearly half my size fell from the first floor balcony of the church to the ground floor, narrowly missing my head by inches. 

I do usually court accidents but falling objects are fairly new to me. Eventhough it’s nothing to laugh about, even my younger sister says it’s funny how of all people it would be me. Of course it would.  

Back to the story, I was eating a slice of banana cake, standing right at the spot where the speaker was about to drop, until I moved to go get some tea; and as I was walking I felt something hit my left calf, someone pulling me urgently away and heard a loud thud – all at the same time.  

Initially I thought it was some wiring or small equipment that fell, but as I turn I saw this huge speaker on the wooden floor where I stood seconds ago and how everyone else was shook and horrified. I was the closest victim, so thank God no one else was hurt. It could’ve been a lot worse, because it so happened to be refreshment time where everyone usually crowds around the cake table. 

I do realise the seriousness of what would happen if I stayed at the spot a few seconds too long. First off, this post would probably not be here for you to read. Secondly, I would probably not see the light of day for who knows how long. Thirdly, exams would be the least of my worries. 

I sometimes feel like God placed an invisible bubble wrap around me that protects me from serious physical harm, save a few bruises that I asked for, what with my level of clumsiness. I’m grateful to even be able to go back home in one piece and do what I usually do on a Sunday, however mediocre it is – because the alternative would be unthinkable.  


If I could choose a time frame in the event that I am caught in a time loop, I would want to live these past two weeks in a loop.

They say time passes by quickly when you’re happy and these two weeks passed by too fast that I had to find for traces to convince myself that it actually happened.

I have a feeling this whole year will be like a dream, too; and I would one day wake up in my own bed back home wondering if any of this ever happened.


We’ve arrived safe and sound, without so much of a glitch as I initially thought we would. Well the visa delay was a big one but I was ready to accept the fact that I wasn’t gonna go after all, then suddenly I had to mentally prepare myself to leave, all over again. But God has His own timing, I suppose. Was once again put in a position where I could not do anything except wait patiently – which is a humbling, yet strangely calming experience for me.

Was just glad to touch the ground and not move after the 24 hour journey. I puked at the first transit at the Abu Dhabi Airport (don’t worry it was not until I was inside a toilet). After arriving at the accomodation, I thought to myself that being able to sleep in a soft, flat, ย and unmoving surface is such a blessing I take for granted – I wouldn’t leave it if it weren’t for classes and all.

I guess I just wanna thank God for all the little blessings along the way… and promise to try and make the most out of it. After all, it is my ‘dream’ right…? Sigh. I know, “what is there to complain right now, you spoiled brat?” Nope, nothing at all.

Going back to the update, the Airbnb is great, the university is great, the lecturer is amazing, and my new friends are all Malaysians. Lol. It’s just purely some invisible gender separation thing in class… all the Malaysians are girls, btw.

I miss everybody back home… I hope you’re doing well and wish I packed you in my luggage with me. โค


So I went on a hike with my colleagues one fine Saturday morning at Bukit Tabur, which I didn’t think would be too difficult a task (I’ve never hiked before, but pfft there’s always a first for everything right?), and since we’re already there we might as well take the route that says ‘extreme’, right? Go hard or go home amirite? Right…?

Nope, nope, nope and nope – is what I should have said to all the above and to the invitation. 

Before that, you know how when people conquer mountains or run marathons they sometimes end up quoting some motivational phrases like ‘it’s not the mountain you conquer but yourself’, etc.? Well, this isn’t one of those stories. In fact, I was about to caption this picture of mine with some realistic jokes like ‘Looking down toward my imminent death’, because before we climbed down, the most difficult part of it all was to not fall down from the top of the cliff while taking pictures. Yea it’s not that difficult to climb up really, even for a hiking newb like me. 

Of course, everything changed when we tried to find our way back down. We got lost. Lost as in, the way down was nowhere to be found and completely covered with thick woods. How can this possibly happen, you ask? Well, there was more than one way to go down, and we were seemingly going down a path different from the one we used to hike up, until there was a dead end. Nevertheless, we tried going back up and down several routes til we reached what looked like an ATV trail. At this point we were all hungry, thirsty and tired; but nobody really complained, and our Vietnamese manager was just throwing out optimistic comments like ‘we’ll get out in 10 more minutes’ (which of course took much longer, but optimism appreciated nonetheless ๐Ÿ˜‚). 

We tried looking for phone signals and only Celcom had the slightest connection. So we called the authorities (wrong move in Malaysia, tbh), went through a whole lot of confusion trying to communicate with them (they were asking us where in the hill are we – I mean…which part of ‘lost’ tells you we know where we are?), gave them our location through Whatsapp when the Celcom connection was strong enough, and got some water from a flowing river nearby while waiting to be rescued. 

It took us about 1 and a half hours to reach the peak, but it took us 5 hours to get out from there. Well it could have been a lot worse, really. We could’ve been stuck overnight (apparently we were totally off-track and it took us 20 minutes on an ATV and another 20 minutes in the fire truck/police car to reach the entrance where our cars were parked), it could’ve rained (which it did, after we got out – thank God), we might not have passed by the flowing river, we could’ve trespassed deep into the woods and be fined RM5,000 per person, we could’ve gotten injured somehow, etc., but neither of these happened, and we came out mostly unscathed and before the sun sets. 

There were a lot to be grateful for. The people I was with was an amazingly optimistic and altruistic bunch, so somehow it didn’t feel like a dreadful experience eventhough it would have easily been so. They were even excited about getting a ride on the fire truck (okay fine, who wouldn’t) and in the police car, and was asking when would the next hike be. Being my pessimistic self, I told myself that it’s enough a hike for the rest of the year at least. A year being a stretch for me. Maybe two years. Or three. With a Celcom sim card.

I have started working.


Basically the title is self-explanatory, to assure everyone who has been asking me “so… what are you doing now?”

To be honest, I’m quite glad to have an appropriate answer ready before Chinese New Year came. Else I’d be stuck with the same ol’ “errrr I’m looking for a job” with ensuing awkward silence. Hmm, that sounds like I got a job just to please everyone else. Then again, I need the money, so yeah… *contemplating life decisions* sorry, got lost in my own thoughts there. Anyways,

I’m currently working in KL, dear uncles, aunties, friends, acquaintances, and long-lost relatives. I sincerely thank you for your concern.

I shall re-enact the common FAQs that I have encountered so far, for easy reading purposes.

Aunty: So where are you working now, dear?

Me: In KL, aunty. KL sentral.

Aunty: Oh, is it in the bus station building?

Me: No, aunty. It’s in another building nearby, called 1Sentral.

Aunty: Oh *feigning recognition*. So what are you working as?

Me: An auditor, aunty.

Aunty: Ohhhh *pitiful eyes* my goodness, very tough I heard, auditor job.

Me: Yeah, okay lah aunty. I suppose every job starting also liddat.

Aunty: Ya lah, true. So how long have you been working? Do you go back often?

Me: For about a month. Umm, I haven’t been back until CNY. Because I have to work on weekends sometimes.

Aunty: Oh dear. Do you OT alot? Can claim wan ah?

Me: Yea, more than I expected as a new employee. Can claim can claim. (Note: lazy answer)

Aunty: Oh then okay lah. So why KL ah? *intrigue smile*

Me: Err more exposure lor. Malacca not many industries and stuff. (honest answer: I just wanna get out of Malacca)

Aunty: Ohh. So where are you staying? Which church do you attend?

Me: I’m staying with my uncle’s family in Ampang. I’ve been attending St. Mary’s Church which is near the Dataran Merdeka. (Hence the cover picture for this post!)

Aunty: Oh good lah, nearby. Got new car and all. Should be easy to go around lah. But poor your parents, house now so empty.

Me: *awkward chuckle* yea. (I am an ungrateful child, Aunty. I don’t deserve my parents *wails internally*)


Right. Now that that’s out of the way, I shall start my rant  sharing.

Working in KL have been better than expected, actually. Aside from having to work late nights, it was made better by having a warm house to go back to; my uncle’s family being so accommodating and spoiling me to bits with home-cooked food, fun ping-pong sessions (when I’m not working late) and making me feel so at home. #blessed

I’m also blessed enough to have their home near my office and  this month’s client’s office, so the jam isn’t so bad to and fro work – only 20 to 30 minutes to reach. I took a wrong turn one time at night and saw the twin towers up close from an elevated highway. It was a breath-taking view, and I thought to myself that working in KL has been an amazing decision so far. Work won’t always be rainbows and unicorns, but God has been putting wonderful people around me and upholding me in the best ways, so I choose to see His goodness in my everyday life instead of complaining about insignificant matters.

So how am I? I’m grateful. ๐Ÿ™‚