Have you ever feel like everybody expects so much from you, that you keep trying to please them all, but nothing you do seems enough?

You tried, you really tried. You’ve never really complained, because we are to give more than we take right? But still, it’s never enough for them. Then you grow tired, and you can only compromise so much… and all you want is to be left alone.

What then, will you do? What then, can you do?


Worth it.

I think the reason why we’re so emotionally numb, is because we’re afraid others wouldn’t share the same ‘feels’ and we’re left wondering if we’ve been too emotionally invested. We then decide it’s not worth the effort anymore. 

But we’re missing the point if we invest to expect a direct return to ourselves; because you never know the kind of impact you can make in someone else’s life, and that’s the kind of return that “neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”